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Transform your ride with our all-new cycling gloves, the first of their kind for all types of cyclists.


No matter if you ride a road or mountain bike, take your cruiser to the office or put the pedal to the metal in the gym: You need a secure grip on the handlebar. A grip that’s solid enough to be in full control … and light enough to stay relaxed.

The handlebars put your hands into a position of control and power, but that can only go so far. Even when taped properly, the handlebars are just rigid steel bars, unable to adapt to the intricacies of your anatomy and to the dozens of grip changes that are necessary during a ride.

That’s where our new cycling gloves come into play. Bionic Gloves developed a groundbreaking piece of professional cycling gear for everyone. Our gloves do not need to adapt to the kind of bicycle you use. Instead, they are tailored to your hands anatomy to support you where and when it matters most.

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Mountain Tamers

With our shock-absorbing cycling gloves, your fingers stay responsive. Fine-tune your grip to match even the most challenging terrain. Get a secure grip on your handlebar and slam those brakes without slipping—even when the dirt hits your hands.

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Office Warriors

Are you one of the millions of Americans who commute to their workplace on their bicycles? Gear up with Bionic Gloves, enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride and arrive at your desk in great shape.

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Road Racers

Put all your power to the pedal, not to the handlebar: With the patented Dream Pad, Bionic cycling gloves help you get a better grip with less clenching/more comfort, keeping your hands more relaxed. Which means that you can go the extra mile easily. And then some more.

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Gym Rats

Sit, stand, sit, you know the drill: Exercise bike sessions make you change posture dozens of times. These workouts are great for your thighs, knees and calves — but not for your hands that must cope with the excess pressure. The Dream Pad™ lets your hands stay relaxed while your legs move to the beat.

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Settle Your Nerves

The ulnar nerve is one of the three main nerves in your arm. It travels from your neck down into your hand and can be constricted in several places along the way, one of the most common places is at the base of the wrist. This is a very typical injury facing cyclists of all skill sets. Numbness, tingling and a weakened grip in the hand are common symptoms of the pinching of the Ulnar nerve.

The new Bionic Cycling Gloves feature the revolutionary patented Dream Pad™ – A precisely engineered tunnel for your most delicate hand nerve. With its anatomic shape developed by an orthopedic hand specialist, this pad offloads pressure so that you can grip the handlebar securely and with more comfort. The innovative design is the first of its kind and has set a new standard in the cycling world.

As much as we care about anatomy and technology, we want you to care about the benefits: Enjoying longer, more comfortable and relaxed rides to ensure you get home safely.

Bionic Dream Pad

“The padding allowed me to ride without my hands becoming tingly. They were easy to get on and off. The arthritis in my knuckles wasn’t aggravated with the gloves - they seemed to help my hands be more comfy.”



Ride Longer, Keep Cooler

Bionic Gloves improve your grip, come rain or shine: In addition to the Dream Pad™, our signature patented relief pad system helps even out the surface of your hand providing better contact with the handlebars and a more relaxed grip easing hand fatigue, allowing you to ride comfortably longer.

The reflective material adds visibility any time of day, and when things get hot, Lycra motion and web zones allow for maximum breathability, absorbing Terrycloth micro-pads inside the gloves and antimicrobial Polytowel™ on the thumb help manage moisture, dirt and grime.

Patented Pad System

“The pad system on the palm is terrific. The dream pad does wonders but I also really appreciate the padding at the bottom of the fingers, where I tend to rest my weight sometimes while holding the handlebars. The gloves look great, fit really well, and are easy to get on and off.”



Stay Comfortably Snug

The premium leather palm and patented sponge pads act like an extra protective layer around your hand, secured snugly with a Velcro® easy off tab that makes glove removal quick and simple. Lycra gussets, alongside web and motion zones minimize bunching of material to provide a better range of motion, fit and feel.

Just like our golf and fitness gloves, the new Bionic Cycling Gloves mimic the anatomy of the hand. Be sure to take your measurements before ordering your pair and you’ll be rewarded with a tight yet comfortable fit that feels juuuust right.

Bionic Motion Zones

“The padding is excellent, doesn’t bunch up when riding. Seems to mold to my hand. The flex grooves are in the right place and there is padding in all the areas that contact the handlebars. Really like how the padding wraps to the outside of my palm. Also like how it clears the watch I wear.”




The premium Cabretta leather palm is extremely durable allowing for more rides with longer lasting gloves. Extend the usability of your Bionic Cycling Gloves by washing them. They are safe for hand or machine washing: Simply toss them in the washing machine with the Velcro tab secured tightly to avoid snagging with other garments, set it to cold wash with a mild detergent, no bleach, gentle cycle and allow to air dry flat.


Cyclist’s commonly feel numbness or tingling in the hands which can be a symptom of ulnar tunnel syndrome or, commonly called, cyclist’s palsy. If you know that feeling, we encourage you to experience the patented Dream Pad™ exclusively available in Bionic Cycling Gloves. (Of course, always consult with your doctor if you have health concerns.)