Bionic ReliefGrip Golf Gloves

A better grip means better control over your game! With ReliefGrip™ golf gloves from Bionic Gloves, you'll enjoy a lighter, more relaxed grip throughout the game. Our web and motion zone innovations provide ventilation while promoting a more natural range of movement, and Lycra gussets eliminate uncomfortable bunching between the fingers. Why wear golf gloves? Check out these 5 Reasons to Wear Bionic Golf Gloves.

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Anatomical relief pads promote a lighter, more relaxed grip which helps increase swing speed and helps prevent the club from twisting at impact for more control. 
Motion zones over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers promote natural movement and help hands breathe. 
Patented pre-rotated finger design complements the natural anatomy of the hand. 
Easy grab-tab makes glove removal simple and quick. 
Form-fitting LightPrene for enhanced wrist and thumb support. 
Washable Cabretta leather. 
Lasts up to 2-3 times longer than traditional leather golf gloves.
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Bionic Gloves are hand and machine washable (mild detergent, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, air dry). 
Wash with Velcro tab secured to avoid snagging. 
Washing Bionic Gloves will enhance their durability and maintain the suppleness of the leather.
Learn how to increase the lifespan of your golf gloves with our Golf Glove Care Guide.

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William DuRant

I have used the bionic glove for several years and have made them the only glove I will use. Recently I tried the Relief grip glove with some of the best results ever. The glove fits well and wears for a long time. A great glove.

Ed Ott

Men's golf arthritis grip works well for me. I now don't need to grip the golf club as hard - I've been diagnosed with a mild carpel tunnel syndrome which in the past had intense hand flair-ups. Local Golf shops did not have the arthritis version so I ordered them from this Bionic site. This glove seems to last longer then the other name brand gloves. I'll buy several next time.

Thomas Roth

Discovered how great this glove makes my hand feel when golfing. Even considering getting one for my other hand to ease some of the arthritis pain. Easy to care for with simple rotation of several gloves and some quick cleaning. Works perfectly for me in the Arizona heat. Was very disappointed with durability when playing in east coast heat & humidity this summer. Two gloves split in the palm, not even at a seam.

Happy Retired Lady Golfer

I ordered one for each hand because I have arthritic hands with swollen joints in my fingers. I was contemplating quitting, but when I heard about Bionic ReliefGrip gloves, I said hey, I will give it a try. I got my gloves this week and came home after playing with my husband today, pain free, outlasting the pain I usually had when finished. Your rep, Bre, was very helpful and you should know there should be more people like her. She explained the ReliefGrip golf gloves and helped me decide the size, etc. She certainly is a good representative of your company. I am Happy with these gloves. She is a great asset to the company. I can relax now and play golf again. I took up the game after retiring for something to do with my husband and friends. I am in a women's golf league and am happy to say like playing with these ladies. I did not want to have to give it up. I am excited with these Bionic ReliefGrip gloves. I plan on buying another set in a couple weeks.

Great glove for those with grip issues

I have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has affected both my hands. I bought a left hand glove 3 years ago and am just now having to replace it so I bought a left and right glove. The only negative comment is that they don't have the glove in a 3X. The 2X is just a little short for me.

Amazing Golf Gloves

I ordered these gloves because I have very bad arthritis in my hands that were causing me not to be able to golf or even do routine tasks. Since using these gloves I no longer have to use my braces for golfing and have no pain when I golf! I would recommend these gloves to anyone who has arthritis. Now I can put off surgery and do what I like to do.

Stopped the pain

My bottom grip hand broke a few years ago, had surgery and re-fractured so it usually throbs/hurts bad after golfing. I was worried because it’s my bottom grip hand and I had a glove for my top one and didn’t want to wear two so I found these. First time using today at the range and it took 10-15 balls to get used to but adjusted well. My hand feels leagues better than usual and it’s safe to say these gloves work.

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