Bionic Motorcycle Gloves

The "ONLY" Motorcycle Glove Designed by an Orthopedic Hand Specialist.  Advantage Knuckle Protection with extra heavy padding over the knuckles adds a thick layer of protection from abrasion.  Greater Durability At The Fingers, Thumb & Palm with reinforced silicone and Tough-EX™ materials are naturally flexible; yet resist wear and tear.  Enhanced Wrist Support & Safety Feature with Neoprene closure supports the wrist while reflective material helps make the rider more visible.  Second Skin Feel with supple sheepskin leather protects the hand, yet allows riders to feel the handlebar and controls.
Orig. Retail Price $29.99 - Limited sizes and quantities are available - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
Team Bionic

The "ONLY" Motorcycle Glove Designed by an Orthopedic Hand Specialist.

Team Bionic™

Patent Information
Bionic Gloves are hand and machine washable (mild detergent, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, air dry). 
Wash with Velcro® tab secured tightly to avoid snagging with other garments. 
Washing Bionic Gloves enhances durability and maintains suppleness of leather

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