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How To Wear a Facemask

How to Wear a Face mask


You’ve probably never washed your hands this much in your life, but don’t stop now. Always wash your hands before putting on your mask. Tighten the ear ties until the mask is flush with your face, but not uncomfortable. Make sure the fit is tight around your nose by pinching and shaping the area (this will also help prevent foggy glasses).


Although masks are an important tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the single most important thing you can do is social distancing. Always try to keep at least six feet between you and the people around you, even if you’re all wearing masks. This is especially difficult, but especially important, in crowded areas like grocery stores.


Try to avoid adjusting your mask once you’re outside. Think of it as part of your face, meaning you won’t want to touch it before washing your hands or using hand sanitizer.

>>> We’re All in This Together

Wearing a mask might feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s an outward sign that you’re being a good citizen and a good neighbor. Wearing a mask helps prioritize and protect those most at risk of COVID-19. We hope you wear yours safely and in good health.

>>> Yep. Wash Them Again.

Wash your hands again before removing your facemask. Try to only touch the ear ties of your mask. If your mask is reusable, try to wash it immediately and not let it sit. Always treat your mask as if it’s contaminated to ensure you’re as cautious as possible. Maskonic™ masks have an antibacterial coating that lasts for up to 10 washes. Make sure your mask is completely dry before wearing it again.

>>> On for the Long Haul

Try to avoid removing your mask. Removing your mask exposes you to droplets, and exposes others to your droplets. Try to plan around activities like eating and drinking so they can be done in a controlled environment, or better yet, can be done at home after you remove your mask. Besides, no one wants to eat a garlic sandwich and then walk around with a mask on.

>>> More About Maskonic™

Given the need for protective equipment, Bionic Gloves is joining the fight against the spread of COVID-19 by channeling our production and supply chain to offer Maskonic™ non-medical masks. For every mask purchased we’ll make a donation to Feeding America. Maskonic™ is made from a water repellent fabric with a soft and comfortable interior. Each Maskonic™ mask is reusable and hand-washable, and has an antibacterial coating that lasts up to ten washes.