Cashmere-Lined Winter Gloves

Cashmere-Lined Winter Gloves

The "ONLY" Dress Glove Designed by an Orthopedic Hand Specialist

Cold Weather Comfort

Soft cashmere/wood blend liner keeps hands cozy and warm during the coldest season.

More Gripping Power

Anatomical relief pads even the surface of the hand to naturally promote a lighter, more secure grip.

Natural Dexterity & Cool, Dry Hands

Motion zones over the knuckles and webzones between the fingers promote natural movement and help hands "breathe."

Easy To Get On & Off

Flexible open cuff design makes it simple to pull gloves on and off.

Caring for your Bionic Glove

  • Bionic Gloves are safe for hand and machine washing (mild detergent, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, air dry).
  • Wash with Velcro tab secured tightly to avoid snagging with other garments.
  • Washing the Bionic Glove enhances durability and maintains suppleness of leather

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