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Bionic Gloves are hand and machine washable (mild detergent, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, air dry). 

Wash with Velcro tab secured to avoid snagging. 

Washing Bionic Gloves will enhance their durability and maintain the suppleness of the leather.

Caring for your Bionic Glove

  • Machine washing is not recommended - hand wash palm side ONLY.
  • Wash with Velcro tab secured tightly to avoid snagging with other garments.
  • Washing the Bionic Glove enhances durability and maintains suppleness of leather.

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Took less than 9 holes to wear a spot in the top of index finger of glove where I interlock. Bionic Will replace but it will cost me $4 to ship it back. Would have rather spent $20 on a nice leather grip.

After raving about the quality of the PerformanceGrip model glove, I thought I would see the same with this RelaxGrip. Sorry to say, it lasted only one round when the knuckles tore out. Guess it doesn't pay to expect the same quality at a lower price.

These are the best golf gloves I have ever worn! I play year round and also use them regularly at the range. They feel comfortable and the grip adds a balanced feel to the clubs. This has been the only glove I have worn the past 3 months, and they are showing little sign of wear. I love them!

I have been playing golf for about 15 years. I have tried multiple brands of gloves and Bionic has been my choice for the past 5+ years. I love the Relaxed fit and will continue to buy them as long as they are available. The glove does stretch a bit after a few rounds which helps with taking them on and off during rounds. The padded palms help with softening miss-hits and keep the club stable in my hands. I love the black contrast on the palms as it hides dirt really well. One of the main reasons I love this glove is it takes a beating all season long. One of the things I was skeptical about is the in between fingers material. I thought there is no way it can weather an entire season and practice drills before ripping at a seam or something like that. I can attest that I have never had any issues with the glove tearing or falling apart after a long season of practice drills and playing. This is the glove I recommend that will last you an entire season at an affordable price.

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